Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Motivated...and accountable!

Not too long ago, Pat from the Yoga Librarian Blog posted a hearty recommendation for the book shown on the left. I have osteoporosis and I practice yoga. And so, of course, I bought the book and have been studying it ever since. This book is chock full of solid medical information, detailed descriptions of poses, and promise.

At, I learned that there was a study in place which "attempts to prove that properly chosen yoga poses can reverse osteoporosis without having negative effects on the joints." Participants in the study received a DVD which demonstrated these poses. I sent an email to the organization with the hope of being able to purchase the DVD - and received a reply inviting me to join the study! And so, this is where the motivation kicks in...

The folks involved with the study are most responsive and helpful. Using the book as my guide, I began the exercises on June 10. I just received the DVD and this has helped me to fine-tune a couple of the poses. As a member of the study, I am making a commitment to do these exercises daily. I am keeping a log and have just completed week 1. I'll try to post regularly now so that I can keep track of my progress here. All about accountability!!!

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