Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seated Sun Salutations

Peggy Cappy introduced me to a Sun Salutation version that can be done entirely while seated in a chair. I've been practicing this and wanted to try it out with my class - but, for some reason, I've been dragging my feet and have put it off. Until Monday, that is! We started off slowly and did the poses in incremental steps. Lift your arms up and kiss the sun. Arms out to the side and bow to the earth. We did that a few times and then followed with the additional poses.

Lo and behold, not only could they do it...they loved it!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"I think that I shall never see..."

...a poem lovely as a tree." ~Joyce Kilmer

My gentle yoga class has met a half dozen or so times now and each week we practice balance poses - and especially tree pose. It's not an easy pose for those with balance issues. We use a chair and do the pose in stages. Stage one has one leg rooted on the ground while lifting the heel only of the other leg. From there, we may lift the heel and toes for just a few seconds. When they are ready, the leg comes up - but we're still holding on to the chair for support. Often, one or two students will take their arms up and start to wobble. I tell them not to worry about swaying because "trees sway" and for some reason or other, that always cracks them up. They start to laugh and lose their balance! Up again! Down again! All the while smiling!

What a treat for me - they enjoy yoga!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Random Yoga Thoughts...

  • I need to fit short yoga practices in throughout my day.
  • And keeping a yoga journal would help.
  • Yoga postures definitely do a lot to relieve stress.
  • As does massage.
  • And add meditation here, too.
  • But relaxing my mind is a real challenge for me.
  • The library has a variety of yoga books, tapes, DVD's.
  • And, I'm building my own mini yoga library.
  • Yoga Mind & Body: Ali MacGraw is still one of the best tapes, though.
  • The "pretty room" is where I practice yoga at home.
  • It's not fancy but there's a sense of serenity there for me.
  • Honor your body - love that phrase!
  • Another one - It's a practice; not a perfect!
  • And, how about downward dog being called the Mother Superior of all poses?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Green Tea Yoga Studio

Today I had the pleasure of attending a class in Core Yoga offered by Green Tea Yoga Studio. The studio itself is quite beautiful and clean. There were plenty of mats, blocks, straps, etc. My instructor, Elaine, has been practicing yoga since the 70's and teaching full-time since 1994. I arrived at class somewhat early and had a chance to chat with Elaine for a few minutes before the start. She told me that she focuses on the anatomy to help the students find the wisdom in their own bodies. And, so, in the class, we concentrated on finding our core and using it for support and for strength. Elaine was soft-spoken and gentle; she played soft music throughout the class. She asked permission to make hands-on adjustments and I was particularly grateful for that. I think I've found my "home" base. For further info, please check out: