Thursday, September 17, 2009

"I think that I shall never see..."

...a poem lovely as a tree." ~Joyce Kilmer

My gentle yoga class has met a half dozen or so times now and each week we practice balance poses - and especially tree pose. It's not an easy pose for those with balance issues. We use a chair and do the pose in stages. Stage one has one leg rooted on the ground while lifting the heel only of the other leg. From there, we may lift the heel and toes for just a few seconds. When they are ready, the leg comes up - but we're still holding on to the chair for support. Often, one or two students will take their arms up and start to wobble. I tell them not to worry about swaying because "trees sway" and for some reason or other, that always cracks them up. They start to laugh and lose their balance! Up again! Down again! All the while smiling!

What a treat for me - they enjoy yoga!

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