Monday, August 10, 2009

Restorative Yoga

Everyone has an occasional sleepness night. Mine was on Saturday night and so when I got up on Sunday morning, I was really fatigued - and crabby. And, I just didn't have enough energy to unroll my mat and begin to practice. Then, I remembered reading about restorative yoga in Yoga for Life by Alan Finger. Restorative yoga can help you if you have injuries, physical limitations, or if you are just plain tired, like me. The postures are held for longer periods of time and this, in turn, gives the body what it needs to relax and heal. He suggests a sequence of 4 poses and recommends using several props such as folded blankets, blocks, etc., so that there is less strain on the body.

I concentrated on Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall pose) since I find this most relaxing and beneficial for me. In Finger's book, he tells us that "By doing this simple inversion, you redirect the blood flow in the body and remove some of the pressure that builds up in the legs and feet. This simple reversal can be powerfully rejuvenating."

An eyebag over my eyes increased the feeling of relaxation and my spirits were much improved!

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