Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lakshmi Voelker's Chair Yoga

While at Kripalu, I attended a demo of Lakshmi Voelker's chair yoga class. I have to say at the outset, Lakshmi is an entertainer of the first order! Her class was full of energy - and this woman was a hoot!!!!!

Her contention is that regardless of age, physical ability or current level of activity, your health can be improved by practicing adaptive yoga poses using a chair. During the demo, a student on one side of the stage performed a yoga practice using a mat and no props On the opposite side of the stage, another student did the same practice but she was seated and used modifications. This person represented someone who may have movement disorders or would have some limitations. Lakshmi was in the middle of the stage and demonstrated the full chair practice with no modifications.

I'm always open to new ideas to make my classes fresh and fun. But, this demo was so invigorating - and fast-paced - that I never took a note! Suffice it to say, I had fun and I hope my joy extends to my students as Lakshmi's did for hers. For more info, here's a link to her website: http://

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