Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eagle Pose

I was looking at the current issue of Yoga Journal this week and they featured a great in-depth article about the eagle pose. Very cautiously, I decided to introduce it to my class today at The Pars.

We have access to a small library and so, I suggested that we each take a hard-cover book to use as a prop. This piqued the students' curiosity, for sure. What's she going to do with a book? We practiced the arm movements while seated. I told them that later on in the class, we would add the leg movements. So, here's where the book comes in. We placed the book on the floor near our left foot. We then lifted our right leg, crossed at the ankle, and then rested the right toes on top of the book. Voila! This modification made the pose user-friendly for all. I could tell that there was a little anxiety about trying something new - but, what I love about this class, is that they are more than willing to trust and honor their bodies.

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  1. Nice to see you blogging again! That was a great way to modify the pose and keep the class learning new things!