Monday, November 30, 2009

Keeping track...

Earlier this month I decided to set a goal regarding my yoga practice and study. I've been keeping a log where I list the amount of time I practice yoga along with a short description of postures. This can be either at home, my personal practice, or in a class. I'm also logging the amount of time I spend reading or studying yoga, and including any special training or seminars that I complete as well. They say that goals are usually more effective when they are specific. And I find that if I write something down, and I can see it in black and white, I'm more apt to stick to it. Keeping track of your progress allows you to give yourself a pat on the back and, in turn, helps to keep you motivated.

So, my initial goal is to reach 200 hours of practice/self study in one year. As much as I try to do something along these lines every day, it doesn't always happen. Regardless, I am pretty faithful to my practice and here are the results:

Personal practice: 12 1/2 hours
Self-study: 10 hours
Seminar/training: 5 hours
Total for November: 27 1/2 hours

1 comment:

  1. Wow! You are doing great! I'm sure you will continue to log in practice hours in the warm Florida sun!!!