Friday, July 31, 2009

When the student is ready...

Since I've returned from yoga teacher training, I've been practicing my teaching skills on various friends and relatives - actually anyone who would be willing to spend an hour with me!!!! Haha - seriously, I gave a mini-demo to my sister, and then had my mother over for a full hour class. Mom was quite the good student and very eager to "do it right" - and, believe me, I kept telling her that she was doing just fine. But, here the teacher was a student, too, as I learned from this class with my mother. There were some movements that I thought would be relatively simple for her (wrist circles) and yet this was somewhat confusing - and there were some balance poses that I initially thought would be too challenging - and she did them with ease.

So, this was a real learning experience for me and I really appreciate the opportunity to test drive my teaching. It also helped to time this class as I wanted to make sure I could comfortably fill an hour. And, it goes without saying, my mother thought I was fabulous!!!!

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