Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whoops....June is almost over...

...and I haven't posted anything here yet! Well, I have been busy attending yoga classes and teaching my regular class at the Little Brook Village complex to seniors. Classes are going well and although I am not practicing daily, I am practicing regularly.

But today's post is all about taking it easy. Yes, that's the theme of this blog but there are times when I find myself pushing the envelope. Not today! I had some dental surgery yesterday that left me a little bit weary and a lot swollen. So I decided to put "take it easy yoga" to the test.

My screened-in porch looks out to a beautiful garden. I began by taking a few deep breaths in and out while looking at the flowers in bloom, the small fish pond, and then noticing the squirrels and chipmunks at play. In a few short moments, I was completely relaxed. With hands at the heart, I began to synchronize my breath with movement. The hands push out on inhale, release and open wide on exhale. Close the hands on the next inhale and bring hands to heart on the exhale. From here, I moved into "namaste" circles...going very slowly...noticing my breathing. After a few minutes, I returned to my living room and sat in my little "recliner" for some relaxation/meditation.

Yes, it was just a few hand and arm movements, a little breathing, observing, awareness...but to me, that is what yoga is all about. It's something you can always do - if you have an hour or a few minutes - if you are feeling fit as a fiddle or a little under the weather. Remember, take it easy!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect kind of yoga to do while recovering from your surgery! Glad you found a way to be centered! :)