Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Broken Wing...

Well, it's not exactly broken. Bruised would be more like it. Yes, right now I am suffering through a minor injury sustained in a boating accident about a month ago. Rereading that sentence right now made me realize how melodramatic I can be! The boating accident is a result of me trying to climb into the boat! Slip, slam, boom. My right arm, shoulder hit the side of the metal boat with such force that I'm still - a month later - unable to raise my right arm all the way up.
This presents a slight challenge for me in doing my daily yoga vs osteoporosis exercises. But, as I tell my students, just do what you can do from where you are today. So, I've managed to keep my commitment - albeit with the use of many props, lots of deep breaths and patience with myself.

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