Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All about balance...

My yoga class in Florida is in an "over 55" community.  Some members of the class are in the lower age range and some are not.  All of them, though, have expressed some interest in maintaining their "balance".  I always have a balance pose or two towards the end of the class.  They're fully warmed up at this point - and by the time the balance sequence is finished, they are more than ready for relaxation.

Yesterday, though, I decided to have a "balance workshop" where we focused on how there is balance in all our poses.  Using a strap for arm stretches, we brought our awareness to both sides of the body - noticing the difference between the arms/shoulders, etc., after spending time on the right - and prior to moving to the left.  We then moved to practicing several standing balance poses.  Although there is the tendency to worry about being able to stand on one foot, I like to suggest that instead they focus on what part of the pose they "can" do.  Can you reach your arms up in a sun salute?  Can you bring your right foot back just a little keeping your toes on the ground?  Do you feel steady?  Are you able to gently move forward?  Can you lean on the back of the chair?  Breaking down poses step by step seems to be less intimidating and promotes encouragement. 

The class as a whole looked beautiful in their balance poses.  But, I did suggest a little homework for "practice" and, of course, this brought gales of laughter.  "When you're brushing your teeth tonight, try placing your other hand on the vanity and see if you can stand on one foot." 

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